Hivelocity Now Including Solid State Drives Free On All Servers

Hivelocity, a bare-metal server, cloud hosting and colocation provider to customers in over 130 countries, announced today that all new dedicated servers will include an SSD (solid state drive) with their base configuration.  Hivelocity’s servers are fully customizable and customers that prefer a traditional spinning disk still have this option available for no extra charge.  While the starting point with Hivelocity’s servers is a 240GB SSD, Hivelocity offers 15 different drive options with every server including 1.6 TB SSDs and 8 TB helium filled SATA drives.

“We have been offering Intel and Micron data center grade SSDs as an upgrade option on our servers for several years now. What has become very evident after deploying thousands of solid state drives is how extremely reliable they are.    Everyone always talks about the improved performance, and there is definitely that, but the overall consistent reliability of these drives is what has really impressed us,” says Hivelocity’s Support Manager, Javier Vidueira. 

Since solid state drives have no moving parts they are more resilient over time and have less things to break.  When a traditional spinning disk begins to have issues, it is often something mechanical within the drive that leads to the failure.  SSDs have no moving parts to break and does not rely on the speed of those moving parts to determine the read/write speed of the drive.  

Previously, Hivelocity included a 1TB SATA hard drive with the base configuration of most servers.  Today, each server includes a 240GB Micro M510 Data Center Solid State Drive as its starting point.  For customers that prioritize size over speed, the 1TB SATA drives are still available at no extra cost within Hivelocity’s configuration cart.  “We offer solid state drives in sizes ranging from 240GB all the way to 1.6TB.  The price of SSD has come down so much over the years it really is very affordable to get a large SSD for a low price,” according to Hivelocity’s Purchasing Manager, Mark Samaniego.  “Many of our competitors are buying whatever the cheapest consumer grade SSD happens to be that day on NewEgg.  We always use data center grade drives from either Micron or Intel to ensure our customers are going to get the reliability they expect.” 

You can find our new server SSD configurations at   In addition to our server configurations, we recently announced the breaking ground of a new 30,000 sq. ft. data center that will accommodate up to 11,000 bare-metal servers once completed in June 2016.