At Hivelocity we put in a lot of effort into creating the “Hivelocity Experience” for our customers. The Hivelocity Experience is a company initiative that focuses on optimizing our customer’s experiences and interactions with Hivelocity. The Hivelocity Experience is about providing an exceptional level of customer service and quality uncommon in any industry, let alone the dispassionate world of hosting and data centers.

The Hivelocity Experience

(Below is an email, untouched and in its entirety, that we received from a customer September 11th, 2013 that explains better than we can what the Hivelocity Experience really is.)


Yes, everything went smoothly with the colo last weekend.

But that’s what I’ve come to expect from you guys, honestly, I know you guys have lots of clients, but like I always, you make me feel like I’m your best client. 🙂

Matthew and Jake took very good care of me.

My only regret was getting there kinda late, so I didn’t get to catch up with the rest of the guys in support, but in a few weeks when I bring the next server, I’ll be there much earlier in the day, so I can catch up with my peeps.

As usual, thanks again, you guys always take very good care of me, from the time I talk to Kevin, Rob, or Drew in sales, and then after the sale when I talk to any of the guys in support, or Steve, it’s always top-notch.

Truly you guys have spoiled me, because if anything ever happened to you guys and Hivelocity was no more, you’d have me holding other hosting companies to an impossible standard, because honestly, I don’t think any other hosting provider can compete with you guys — I don’t know what the heck I would do! 🙂

To review what I’ve been referring to as the “Hivelocity Difference” when I talk to my clients versus my previous host in 2004, and hosts that still exist today (who you guys will eventually crush anyways), I’ve come up with a few points, where you guys simply make other hosts look sub-standard:

Phone Calls:

Them: 30 minutes+ hold time when calling.

HV: < 1 minute 90% of the time, 10% of the time 3-5 minutes.

Support (phone and ticket system):

Them: 1,000+ Support Reps who need to “escalate tickets” or who aren’t skilled enough to support you, thereby increasing your turn over time for support, usually leading to you contacting them again for the same problem. Ticket response averages between 12-24 hours.

HV: < 1,000 Support Reps who make it a habit of “taking ownership” over problems, actually follow-up with you if required, and are skilled enough to help you from beginning of the problem, to conclusion. Ticket response is typically less than 1 hour, sometimes up to 2-3 hours tops. Because the support guys actually give a damn, and want to make sure your problem gets resolved. They don’t “just work there”.

Bonus: Most of the support guys know my voice as soon as they hear it!

Sales and Sales Process:

Them: Difficult to understand reseller/affiliate programs that take very long to benefit you as a client, and are difficult to track. Sales people give you different quotes, and/or don’t honor quotes provided by other sales team members — you get the run around, making it hard for you to offer said services to your clients.

HV: Simple affiliate/reseller programs (I’m part of both), that easily track your sales, make it easy to refer clients, and sales people who no matter who you get are always willing to help, whether you get Drew, Rob, Lee, or Kevin, I can get a checkout link for a specific system for one of my clients in less than 10 minutes majority of the time — even when it’s busy, I still get a checkout link by e-mail in less than 30 minutes!

Network / Hardware / Quality of Service:

Them: Typically downtime goes un-noticed, and is a common occurrence, which they figure is just the “course of doing business”. In some cases, the host (i.e. HostGator, BlueHost, etc) don’t even have a datacenter, so they are depending on their provider to fix the issue. Hardware is generally over-priced, forcing you to price it even higher for your client, resulting in lost business. Overall a poor quality of service.

HV: Downtime is taken seriously, and in some cases, I’ve called, and the support guys are well aware of the issue, and don’t mind taking a minute or two to explain to you what’s up. Heck I’ve had some of the guys call me back to let me know a specific issue has been resolved! Talk about follow-through! Hardware is always priced reasonably. I even mentioned to Drew recently since I’ve been considering colo for awhile now that the hardware is priced so reasonably at Hivelocity, it made much more sense for me to simply lease the equipment in some cases, rather than buy it myself! Overall a kick-ass experience.

And this isn’t just me that feels this way — I’ve referred plenty of clients to Hivelocity, and when I talk to them, their experience and feelings mirror mine — Regina said to me the other day (when comparing her uptime at HV as opposed to her old host StartLogic): “Where did you find these guys?? I should have been using them long time ago!”

I don’t know if you guys treat all your clients like me (with comments like the one above from Regina, I somehow suspect you do treat most clients like you treat me), but I will never run out of good things to say about you guys.  Thanks again!! 🙂


– Eric Gillette, Website Business Consultant, Inc.

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Rapid Restore

Backup your entire server’s data every night and have access to 5 days of rolling restore points.  Restore your server’s data, OS and configuration any time you need it.

Our Rapid Restore service saves the day during accidental data loss, hardware failures and virus contraction. Simply pick your recovery point and restore the data from that day. 

DDoS Protection

While our competitors may advertise DDoS protection, most often, they are merely implementing easily evaded router rules or simply black-holing targeted servers. They consider this “DDoS protecting their network.” However, neither of these solutions should give comfort to any online business. Should your site be attacked, chances are likely both of these options will end with your server being taken offline. At Hivelocity, we take the responsibility of keeping your servers online very seriously. For this reason, we offer two very serious forms of DDoS protection.


Every solution we provide includes our Filtering Edge of Network System (FENS). FENS is a series of proprietary systems that proactively monitors and protects the entire Hivelocity Network from most common Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.


For an extra fee, you can enhance your server’s protection further with the addition of our Server Defense System. Our Server Defense System sits in front of your server, inspecting inbound data and looking for malicious traffic. The moment an attack is detected, it instantly begins scrubbing each data packet. Hivelocity’s Server Defense System delivers business continuity even in the face of massive and complex attacks.

Our Server Defense System is like adding an alarm and armed guard to your business, alerting you to and destroying anything attempting to jump that fence. Our Server Defense System utilizes internally developed proprietary systems in addition to Corero’s Threat Defense Smartwalls for data packet scrubbing. Each of our data centers is a scrubbing center with Corero Smartwalls on-premise, allowing us to provide on-prem zero-lag data scrubbing.

SSL Certificates

The security of your online commerce and protecting your customers’ data is as important to us as it is to you. When your customers see the green bar, they will know their connection to you is protected. We offer single domain, multi-domain, and wild-card certificates.

We offer industry leading 128-bit encryption certificates, allowing you to conduct e-commerce with complete security. Inspire confidence in your customers by displaying any number of seals and indicators certifying that your site is secure.

Load Balancing

Adding this service to two servers with identical content will allow you to distribute your load evenly across your hardware. Don’t lose business because you couldn’t handle the demand. Load balance and handle your biggest resource spikes with ease.


Stop attacks, prevent unauthorized access, and achieve regulatory compliance. Our Juniper hardware firewalls offload the work so your server never has to consume resources protecting itself from malicious traffic. A single firewall can be used to protect multiple servers.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage offers users redundancy and easy accessibility, ensuring your data remains secure and readily available. Scale to as much as you need for only a 20¢/GB.

Cloud Storage is distributed and replicated across many servers, protecting your data from hardware failure. Highly scalable, it can handle thousands of client connections via TCP/IP. Connect to your virtual drive with SFTP, FTP, and SSHMount and in the future NFS and AFP. Cloud Storage is based on a stackable design which is upgradeable up to 2TB per instance.