Hivelocity Named One of the Best Places to Work

After several months of evaluation and with several hundred companies considered, Hivelocity is proud to have been named by the Business Journal as the #6 best place to work in Tampa Bay among BIG companies in 2016.  The delta between #1 and #6 was roughly 2% points so we were very close to winning it all.  We will of course look to improve our company as a whole over the next year and strive to be standing on the summit next year.  

One thing that stood out among the Hivelocity Team is fealing valued.  We surpassed the top 3 companies in this category which certainly makes everyone here feel good.  If you don't feel valued, if you don't believe you have a voice and if you don't think your work makes a difference, you are likely not very happy with your job.  While we are a technology company and we do rely on servers, software, generators and other systems to do a lot of work for us, at the end of the day we are a service company.  Every month we take hundreds of calls, thousands of chats and resolve thousands of trouble tickets.  If the people working on those issues don't think they matter, you can bet the customer pays the price with subpar customer service.  As a company we have always hung our hat on adding personality and personal service to a very impersonal industry.  Hivelocity having achieved well in this category validates what we are trying to accomplish for both our employees and our customers.   

If you do the math on a 40 hour work week 50 weeks a year (assuming 2 weeks off for vacation) you work 2000 hours every year.  Assuming you sleep 7 hours a night that is another 2548 hours.  With only 8760 hours in a year and only 6212 of those being awake, you basically spend a 3rd of consious life working.  So we feel pretty good about the most commonly used word to describe the work environment here is "fun".   If 1/3 of your waking hours are fun and that is the 1/3 you are working, I would say you are in pretty good shape. 

While we would have preferred being named the #1 place to work in Tampa Bay, we are still very proud for where we landed.  Before Hivelocity, I had jobs that I would swear were with the #1 worst place to work in Tampa Bay.  Being toward the very top of the right side of this list makes me proud and happy to be a part of it.  From now until 2017, we will be working as a team here to make sure Hivelocity is not only the #1 best place to work but the best place to do business as well.