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Steps to Disable Default cPanel Login Details For FTP Access

a.Openup the ftpupdate file and edit it using the following command:


root@server [] vi /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate


b. Move to the line number 189 or 211 and comment those. If you are using some of the old cPanel version, then you should get the following necessary code at line number 189 and if your cPanel version is the upgraded version then you can get on line number 211.


You can see the following contents after editing the above file :


# print FTPASS join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;


$vhosts->{$system_user} = join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;


c. After the changes are done, make sure you run following command:


root@server [] /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate


You will be  secured from the hack attempts


104.Steps to resolve “Webmail Shows Internal Server Error: User is Over Quota.”


Please refer the following steps:


  1. a.       root@server[#] cd /var/cpanel/overquota
  2. b.      root@server [/var/cpanel/overquota]# mv username username-bak


Make sure you replace the username with the actual cPanel username.

You won’t see any error message after performing above steps.

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