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Service Manager


The Service Manager area enables you to start and stop available services on your server. The following services are available:


  • antirelayd – The Daemon controlling POP before SMTP
  • clamd – ClamAV Virus Scanner
  • entropychat – cPanel’s HTML-based Chat Server
  • exim – SMTP Server
  • eximstats – Daemon that monitors SMTP Bandwidth usage.
  • httpd – Web Server (Apache)
  • interchange – Shopping Cart (E-Commerce) Server
  • melange – Java-based Chat Server
  • mysql – mySQL Database Server
  • named – name server (BIND)
  • pop – POP3 Mail Server
  • postgresql – PostgreSQL Database Server
  • spamd – SpamAssassin server

NOTE: If you choose to disable this, you need to disable the SpamAssassin option from all customers as well. Refer to Tweaking Settings for more information on disabling this setting.

  • syslogd – Daemon for logging system issues / activity.
  • tomcat – Tomcat JSP Server (if installed).
  • exim on another port – Run another copy of exim on a different port number, as some providers block 25, the standard port number.
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