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Restore Backups


You can restore all backup files that you have created using WebHost Manager.


NOTE: WebHost Manager copies over each previous backup with the latest backup. For example, each daily backup copies over the previous daily backup, and each weekly backup copies over the previous weekly backup



1 To access the Backup Menu, click on Backup, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.

2 Click on Restore Backups.

3 Click on one of the following buttons:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

4 Click on the user name from the available list that you want to backup.

5 Click on the following tick boxes as required:

  • Recreate Account – Recreate the account entirely as part of the restore, rather than just overwriting existing files.
  • Give IP address – Give the account an IP address as part of the restore.
  • Restore Subdomain Entries – Restore the accounts subdomains as part of the restore.
  • Restore Mail Config – Restore the accounts mail configuration as part of the restore.
  • Restore MySQL Dbs – Restore any MySQL databases as part of the restore.

6 Click on Start Restore.

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