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Protect a directory through Hsphere

How to protect a directory through Hsphere:

1. Log into your control panel and open Web Shell.

2. Click “Protect” from the menu up top.

3. Browse to the directory you want to lock, in this case “admin” (click the + through, just like a standard folder tree)

4. Click it of course, this will bring up the “Authentication name or realm” option, you can enter anything you want here. Click Next…

5. This window asks where you want to install the master user file, I usually leave this default. This is important though, you need to create a user. Click “Edit”, next to the text


It will say “/.htmaster/.ok_user” could not be found. So click “Create”.

6. Enter your username and password, and hit “Save”.

7. From this page, just click the disk icon on the left and choose “Save”.

Your all done, your directory should be the only one protected with the username/password you have chosen.

NOTE – : From the window of .htaccess file you can also change the password for the user.

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