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My VPS’s Virtual Console is not Working – What Can I Do?

Hivelocity VPS

A VPS is a virtual machine that runs on a shared physical server with other VPSs. A virtual console of a VPS is a feature that allows you to access and control your virtual private server (VPS) from Hivelocity using a web browser.

If you are currently experiencing issues with your VPS virtual console, please follow the instructions below in an attempt to resolve them.

Steps for Troubleshooting a Virtual Console

Attempt the following steps if you’re experiencing a VPS issue.

  1. Clearing your browser cache
    1. Google Chrome Instructions
    2. Microsoft Edge Instructions
    3. Mozilla Firefox Instructions
  2. Using a different browser – in an attempt to isolate the issue to the current browser being used.
  3. Using a different device – in an attempt to isolate the issue to the current device being used.
  4. Using a different Internet Service Provider – in an attempt to isolate the issue to the current internet service provider routes that are being used to reach your VPS.

In the event that the above did not help initializing the virtual console of your VPS, please reach out to the Hivelocity support team as they are available 24/7 to assist. The team can be reached by following the methods listed below.

  • Via Phone: Toll Free (888) 869-4678
  • Via Chat: You can use the chat feature on the website or from your customer portal once you’ve signed in to your account.
  • Via the Customer Portal: From within your customer portal you can press on the “Support” tab and proceed to create a support ticket to our support team.

– by Pascal Suissa

Need More Personalized Help?

If you have any further issues, questions, or would like some assistance checking on this or anything else, please reach out to us from your account and provide your server credentials within the encrypted field for the best possible security and support.

If you are unable to reach your account or if you are on the go, please reach out from your valid account email to us here at: [email protected]. We are also available to you through our phone and live chat system 24/7/365.

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