IISADMPWD virtual directory is not getting created during a default install of IIS?

The IISADMPWD virtual directory allows users to change their account passwords remotely through IIS by means of ASP scripts. IISADMPWD does not come installed as part of a standard Windows Server 2003 IIS install.

To create the IISADMPWD virtual directory, follow these steps:
In the Internet Services Manager Microsoft management Console (MMC), expand Web Sites, right-click the Default Web Site, select New, and then select Virtual Directory.
When the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard starts, follow the instructions to create the virtual directory with the alias IISADMPWD. Point the path to the local %systemroot%\System32\Inetsrv\Iisadmpwd directory. For the Access Permissions allow both Read and Run Script privilages.

To set the PasswordChangeFlags value in the IIS metabase, do the following:
From a command prompt browse to the C:\Inetpub\Adminscripts directory.
Type adsutil.vbs, and then press the ENTER key. If this is the first time that Adsutil.vbs has been run, you may get error messages stating that Cscript is not registered. Follow the prompts and choose Yes to register Cscript.
Type adsutil.vbs set w3svc/1/PasswordChangeFlags [value].

w3svc/1 represents the Default Web Site and [value] can be set to one of the following options:
0 – SSL connection required
1 – Password changing allowed on non-secure ports.
2 – Password changing disabled.
3 – Password changing disabled. (Undocumented)
4 – Advance notification of password expiration disabled.

Users should now be able to change their Local Account password by visiting:
http[s]://[server address]/iisadmpwd/aexp2.asp
Or their Domain Account password by visiting:
http[s]://[server address]/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp

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