I use Hsphere and my frontpage forms are not working

* FP = Frontpage

1) Turn OFF the FP extensions in the control panel by clicking off button under FP area for domain.
2) Turn FP extensions back ON to reinstall.
3) Set the FROM and REPLY address using the edit icon in control panel to use: webmaster@yourdomain.com (or desired address)
4) Open the form page with FP and back it up by saving as another filename. Then close the backup file and work on live file.
5) Copy the form contents to your clipboard by highlighting everything and right click, select copy.
6) Delete the form and it contents.
7) Save the page.
8) Now insert a form, and paste the form contents you had copied in #5 above into the form field.
9) Save page.
10) Test and you should now receive form confirmation.

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