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I can’t login to DirectAdmin on port 2222

If you are unable to access your server via, then 1 of 3 things is likely happening:

1. DirectAdmin might not be running or
2. You have a firewall blocking port 2222.

Number 2. is easy to check by simply running (only on redhat systems):

/sbin/service iptables stop
/sbin/chkconfig iptables off

Then test directadmin again.

If that didn’t fix it, then you’d need to check your /var/log/directadmin/error.log to check for any errors as to why it isn’t starting:

tail /var/log/directadmin/error.log

Common problems are:
1. Incorrect ethernet_dev set in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf file.
2. Invalid license, either due to wrong uid/lid, IP, or date. Try: Updating your DirectAdmin License manually
3. Binaries for a different operating system.

You can always try running DirectAdmin by hand (if it’s not already running) to see what the problem is.

cd /usr/local/directadmin
./directadmin b200

to start it in the terminal with debug level 200. Use Ctrl-C to stop.

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