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How to Use Cat Command on Dedicated Server?

The “catcommand allows you to read /view the contents of the text files without editing them. The easiest method of reading a file is to use the “cat” command followed by the particular filename.


Please refer the below example:


cat logfile.txt


You can also append “less” to the output, in order to check the file page by page.


See the below example:


cat logfile.txt | less

It is also possible to save the output contents in a file and download,

so that you can check it offline.

To do this, simply type “cat” followed by an output redirection operator.

cat /proc/cpuinfo > /home/user/cpu-information.txt

The “cat” command can also be used to link multiple files together.

If you want to combine files, the best procedure is as follows:

See the below example:

cat myfile1 myfile2 myfile3

When you fire the above command, it will display the output contents on your screen,

which you can send to a file to download.

cat myfile1 myfile2 myfile3 > output.txt



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