Tune Apache

1) in httpd.conf, set:

"HostNameLookups off"

This avoids doing a reverse DNS lookup on every visitor who hits your web site.

2) In httpd.conf, set “MaxClients 230” or higher for busier web sites. This allows more httpd daemons to run simultaneously and avoids clogging up the process queue. [Don’t increase MaxClients to greater than your available RAM! Figure betwee 2 – 8 MB per client. 230 clients may require roughly 1 GB availableRAM].

3) Serve web graphics (such as GIF files) from another machine.

Make sure your web pages and CGI pages are browser cache friendly

4) Keep your Apache lean and mean. Compile Apache with as few modules as needed. Before compiling (before your run make), edit the /apache_1.x.x/src/Configuration file put a # in front of any AddModule lines you don’t need.

5) If you don’t need traffic logs (such as a site that only serves graphics) then use the TransferLog directive in httpd.conf to redirect log entries

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