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How to set up daily email alerts for chkrootkit?

Login to your server as root and at the root prompt fire the below command:

root@xxx[~]vi /etc/cron.daily/

Insert the following to the new file:

cd /your_installpath/chkrootkit-0.42b/
./chkrootkit | mail -s “Daily chkrootkit from Servername”

1. Replace ‘your_installpath’ with the actual path to where you unpacked Chkrootkit.

2. Change ‘Servername’ to the server which you are running.

3. Change ‘’ to your actual email address where the script will mail you.

Save the file.

Change the file permissions
root@xxx[~]chmod 755 /etc/cron.daily/

Now if you like ,you can run a test report manually in SSH, to see how it looks.

root@xxx[~]cd /etc/cron.daily/

You’ll now receive a alert with the report!

Everyday you should receive the alert.

You don’t have to run it manually.

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