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How to Repair Plesk 12 Installation (Windows)

  1. Login to your server with the administrator user. Once logged in to the server Press Start button and click on the Icon of Plesk Reconfigurator.
    Plesk reconfiguration button highlighted in red
  2. Once you’ve clicked on the Plesk Reconfigurator Icon, the Plesk Reconfigurator box will not appear.
    Plesk reconfiguration
  3. From the Plesk Reconfigurator box select the Repair Plesk Installation option and click on it.
    Repair Plesk Installation button under Plesk Reconfigurator.
  4. The next window will show you the repairable options. Select the option to repair or leave all the options selected to repair the complete plesk control panel installation and Click on Check button.
    Click on the Check
  5. You can now see the Plesk Reconfigurator has started checking and repairing the installation.
    Check and Repair the selected components.
  6. Wait for the check up and repairs to be done. Once done you will be back at the Plesk reconfigurator box.
    Wait for checkup and then you're done!

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