How to Publish a webpage through frontpage

1. With FrontPage open, choose File –> New .

2. Type in “FrontPage test”

3. From the menu bar, choose File –> Save As.

4. Name the html file.
(If this file is to be your home page, be sure to name it index.html)

Once you have the file saved to your hard drive, you are ready to publish the file.

You should login with your frontpage username and password to the frontpage.

1. From the menu bar, choose File –> Publish Web .

You’ll get a dialog box

2. Click on the Options button

3. In box below Specify the location to publish your site to: enter the full URL for your site.

4. If this is the first time you are publishing your site, select Publish all pages…

5. Select Include subwebs.

Be sure to use your real domain name instead of ‘’ !

6. Click the Publish button.

7. Enter your username and password.

If you have entered all the details correctly, FrontPage 2000 will then publish your site. You will see a dialog box

8. Click Done .

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