How to Prevent Hotlinking in Lighttpd ?

HotLinking is something using which you can display an image, which you have seen on someone else’s site, on your site. Bandwidth in this case will depend on the amount of data downloaded from the site to the user’s end. So when you will display your site, you are using that site’s bandwidth and not yours.

If lighttpd is installed on your server and if you want to stop hotlinking on your server.
Open lighttpd.conf file:

[root@server ~]# vi lighttpd.conf

Add following code in the file
================================================== =============
$HTTP[“referer”] =~ “.*BADDOMIN\.com.*” {
url.access-deny = ( “” )
# url.access-deny = ( “jpg”, “png”, “js“, “jpeg”, “gif” )
================================================== =============

Restart lighttpd on the server.

[root@server ~]# service lighttpd restart

HotLinking is now disabled on your server .This should prevent bandwidth theft issues

which are related to hotlinking.

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