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Manage the ‘qmail’ message queue using qmHandle


qmHandle, a perl script which gives you greater functionality – allows you to view and manage the ‘qmail’ message queue.

It can be install by excuting the following commands

cd /usr/bin

wget -O – “https://easynews.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/qmhandle/qmhandle-1.2.0.tar.gz” | tar xzf

Following commands are useful to manage the queue

# List emails by subject wise:

qmHandle -l |awk ‘/Subject/ {print}’|sort | more

#qmHandle -tX ‘string’ ( delete all messages with matching headers, where string to match and X specifies:

‘f’ : Who the message is from,

‘t’ : Who the message is to; or,

‘s’ : What the message’s subject is

#qmHandle -M ( delete all msgs in the queue from [email protected])

# Forcefully send emails.
qmHandle -a

# List message queues
qmHandle   -l

# delete all messages in the queue
qmHandle   -D

# list local message queue
qmHandle   -L

# list remote message queue
qmHandle   -R

# display message number N
qmHandle   -mN

# delete message number N
qmHandle   -dN

# delete all messages that contain text as Subject
qmHandle   -Stext

# delete all messages that contain text as From email address
qmHandle   -Ftext

# delete all messages that contain text as To email address
qmHandle   -Ttext



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