How to Install PIP on CentOS 7

Updated by: Phil Saltsman

PIP is a package management system used to install and manage software packages written in Python.

PIP can be installed either by using YUM or with Curl & Python.

1. To begin, you first need to login to connect to your server via SSH.  See here for common SSH clients:

SSH client utilities (Free):


Bitvise SSH client:


MobaXterm (Free with available Paid Pro version):


Solar-PuTTY  (Free with available paid versions):

There are many others available out there as well.

2. Login to your CentOS 7 server with root user with your favorite SSH client

3. Once logged in add/install the EPEL repository with the command

Install of EPEL rpm on your Centos 7 system using rpm-iUvh prior to yum update or yum install python-pip

4.  On the next step update the packages with the command

`yum –y update`

yum –y update

After adding required EPEL for installing pip, running yum update in order to ensure all recently added repos software is pulled/installed as well as any other out of date software is brought up to the latest version

5.  The last step would be to install python-PIP and any other required packages with the command

`yum -y install python-pip`

Using yum to install python-pip after system has been confirmed up to date

Verify centos install pip has been completed

6. Verify the installation with the command

`pip –V`

Confirm that pip -V properly executes, validating that the installation of python-pip was successful

7.  If all went well and you are seeing above output, you should be ready to use PIP at this time.

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