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Install Fantastico on cpanel server

Install Fantastico on Linux cpanel server

Before installing Fantastico you must replace the buggy version of wget that ships with your OS or Fantastico will not install.

After you fix this you can continue with the installation process:

If you have Fedora Core 5/6 or CentOS 5 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on your server and are experiencing troubles with respect to upgrades (forced or otherwise) of Click Be! or Fantastico or Universina, please check the wget version that you have on your server.

If it is wget-1.10.2-3.3.fc5 or wget-1.10.2-7.el5 or wget-1.10.2-8.fc6.1, we suggest that you replace it immediately with an older and/or stabler version. This version does not honor the “-P” switch.

An alternate version that we suggest is wget-1.10.2-3.2.1

Fire the following commands from command line:

# rpm -qa wget ;
# wget
# rpm -e wget ;
# rpm -ivh –force wget-1.10.2-3.2.1.i386.rpm ;
# rpm -qa wget ;

Note: version of wget included with Fedora Core 7 does not have this problem, so that may be a better option for some people.

Installation process : SSH to your server(s) and enter following commands:

# cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi
# wget -N
# tar -xzpf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz
# rm -rf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz

Note: if you have problems contacting this server, please try this alternate location:

wget -N

Now go to WHM, login as root and follow the link

WHM -> Add-Ons (Plugins on v11.x or higher) -> Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin (scroll down the left menu).

Upon loading, Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin

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