How To Install eAccelerator In Cpanel in dedicated server environment?

Following steps could be referred for the same :-

  1. Make sure PHP runs as DSO Apache module. For this, log into your WHM and go to ‘Configure PHP and SuExec’. Check and confirm that PHP 5 Handler is set to dso.

If you are just changing the Apache handler now, you may have problems with your files ownership. Before the above changes your Apache server probably runs the scripts under your user and after the change to DSO it will run the scripts under the user/group nobody. To overcome  this simply change user/group of Apache server to your user. This, however, might not be suitable if there is more than one user on the server. In this case simply change the permissions of any directory where the server has to write files to 777.

  1. Next log in to your server as root and execute the following :-

/scripts/phpextensionmgr install EAccelerator


Above steps will help you out  to increase the site performance using eaccelerator.

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