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How to fix “Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain”

Follow the steps given below:

First find the owner of the domain, enter the following command:

/scripts/whoowns example.com

If no results are found, enter the following command:

grep example.com /var/cpanel/users/*


You should see something like below

[email protected] [~]# grep example.com /var/cpanel/users/*


Edit the following files with the corresponding user and remove the lines associated with the domain (example.com) you have problem with.


Remove the virtualhost for example.com from /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

/var/cpanel/users/username [remove entries related to domain]



vim /etc/named.conf [remove entries related to domain]

Remove DNS entry in WHM

Run /scripts/updateuserdomains as root on the server


That’s it J



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