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How to Find and Change the Label Name of Any Partition On a Linux Server

In Linux, partition labels are used to identify partitions on a disk. They are used instead of device names like /dev/sda1 or /dev/hda1. These labels can be changed as needed, allowing for greater organization of your system through whichever naming conventions best suit your needs.

Finding the Label of a Partition

Before we change any labels, the first step is to see what our partitions are currently labelled. To find the label of a partition in a Linux system, use the following command to list each partition and its label name.

blkid -s LABEL

Screenshot showing the results of the blkid -s LABEL command.

Changing the Label of a Partition

If you would like to assign a new label to a partition for the sake of organization and proper naming, use the following command, replacing “Main_Partition” with the label name of your choice:

sudo e2label /dev/sda Main_Partition

Screenshot showing the results of the sudo e2label /dev/sda Main_Partition command.

as you can see in the example above, we’ve checked the current labels, changed /dev/sda label to “Main_Partition” and then ran the blkid -s LABEL command again to check that the change took effect.

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