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How to create a virtual folder (subweb) in IIS 5.0

Create the content folder

Note If you have already created a content folder, skip this section and continue to the “Create the virtual Web site” section.

1. Right-click Start and then click Explore to open Windows Explorer.
2. Select the drive in which you want to put the content folder for the new Web site.
3. Click File, point to New, and then click Folder.
4. When the folder is created, the title area will be highlighted. Type the name that you want to give the folder (such as Webcontent). Press ENTER.
5. Click File and then click Close to close Windows Explorer.
1. Click Start, point to Programs, select Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Services Manager.
2. In the left pane, right-click Default Web Site, point to New, and then click Virtual Directory.
3. In the first screen of the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, type a name for the site (such as “Mywebsite”), and then click Next.
4. In the second screen, click Browse. Browse the content folder that you created in section 2 (in this example, it is Webcontent). Click Next.
5. In the third screen, select Read and Run scripts (such as ASP). Make sure that the other check boxes are cleared. Click Finish to complete the wizard.
6. Right-click the new virtual folder, and then click Properties.
7. Click Virtual Directory and make sure that the Web site name is listed in the Application Name text box under Application Settings. If the Web site name is not listed, click Create.
8. Close the Properties dialog box and close IIS.

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