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Create a metabase backup in IIS 5

1.    Click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative tools, and then click Internet Services Manager.
2.    Right-click the name of your computer.
3.    Click Backup/Restore Configuration to display a dialog box that allows you to make a backup of the IIS 5 metabase for that computer.
4.    Click Create Backup, and then type a name for this backup.

NOTE: The backup name cannot contain any symbols, just letters or numbers.
5.    Click OK to quickly back up the administrative settings in the metabase. The backup name and its date and time are now listed in the Previous Backups dialog box.
6.    Click Close, and then quit IIS. Your metabase administrative backup is now complete. See the “Troubleshooting” section for information about what you can do with this backup

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