Configure an ASP Web Application in IIS 5.0

1.    Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Services Manager.
2.    In the Internet Information Services window, click to expand * server name, where server name is the name of the server.
3.    Right-click the Web site or the starting-point directory of the application that you want, and then click Properties.
4.    Depending on the starting-point directory that you selected, click the Home Directory, Virtual Directory, or Directory tab.
5.    Under Application Settings, click Configuration, and then click the App Options tab.
6.    Click to select the Enable session state check box if you want ASP to create a session for each user who access an ASP application.
7.    Click to select the Enable buffering check box if you want ASP to collect all output that is generated by the ASP page before the output is sent to the requesting Web browser.
8.    Click to select the Enable parent paths check box if you want ASP to use relative paths to the parent directory of the current directory (paths using the .. syntax).

NOTE: If you enable this option, do not enable Execute permissions in the parent directories. This is to prevent a script in a subdirectory from running an unauthorized program in a parent directory.
9.    In the Default ASP language box, type the language that you want to use. This box specifies the language that is used to process commands within the ASP delimiters (<% and %>). Note that VBScript is the default ASP language.

NOTE: You can override the default language in your ASP page by using the <%@LANGUAGE%> directive.
10.    In the ASP Script timeout box, type the length of time that want the ASP to allow a script to run.

NOTE: You can set the timout period to a value between 1 and 2147483647.
11.    Click OK twice to save your changes and return to the Internet Information Services window.
12.    Quit IIS.

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