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How to : Add user on FreeBSD server from shell

adduser -s (s – silent, not a verbose o/p).

Use option “-verbose” if you want to see more warnings and questions
or try to repair bugs.

The following are the info to be input while adding an user.
Enter username [^[a-z0-9_][a-z0-9_-]*$]: perfectpair
Enter full name []: shelluser
Enter shell bash csh date no sh tcsh [sh]: sh
Enter home directory (full path) [/home/perfectpair]: /hsphere/local/home/perfectpair/
Uid [1000]:
Enter login class: default []:
Login group perfectpair [perfectpair]:
Login group is “perfectpair”. Invite perfectpair into other groups: guest no
[no]: no
Enter password []:
Enter password again []:
This is the info displayed after the user is created successfully.

Name: perfectpair
Password: ****
Fullname: shelluser
Uid: 1000
Gid: 1000 (perfectpair)
Groups: perfectpair
HOME: /hsphere/local/home/perfectpair/
Shell: /bin/sh
OK? (y/n) [y]: y
Added user “perfectpair”
Add another user? (y/n) [y]: n
[root@cp home]#

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