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How do I use the domain application vault?

The domain application vault function enables you to install various applications on domain and view the properties of the already installed applications.

Installing application on domain

Select a domain with configured physical hosting and click the Application Vault icon on the Domain Administration page.

Click the Add Application icon. The application installation wizard will open:

Select the application package you wish to install on the selected domain. Note: you can also choose to install it on a sub domain – select it in the Target domain drop-down menu.

You can view information on available application packages by clicking on the application package name in the list. If there is a documentation available for the application, it will be accessible through the icon .

Click Install.

Some applications require certain parameters be entered before executing the installation. Click Finish once you are done editing the required parameters.

When the installation of the application is complete, the application will appear on the Applications list:

To edit the parameters of an application, click on the corresponding icon .

Use the icon in the Applications list to access the URL of the application.

To remove one or several applications, in the list of applications select the corresponding check boxes and click Remove Selected.

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