How do I upload my webpages or files on my CPanel account

a)      On your local machine install Filezilla FTP client

b)      Now Run the Filezilla FTP client

c)       At your left hand top side , in the host field , enter your website name


d)      In the username field enter your CPanel username of your website and password

e)      Leave the port field blank or you can set the FTP port at 21

f)       Now click on Quick connect

g)      Once you got connected , at your left hand side pane the files that are listed that is your local PC and your right hand side pane should be showing files that are hosted on your CPanel account


h)      On your right hand side pane double click on public_html folder , this is where you have to upload your webpages

i)        Now you need to do is find the files you want to upload on the LEFT side of the screen and drag them to the RIGHT. This will then upload the files to your website.

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