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How do I setup complete website using IIS?

Setting-Up Web Site(s)

1. Right-click the Server name (root of the tree marked with an asterisk *) choose New, Web Site.

2. Type Description of your first Web site and click next. (e.g. mysite1)

3. In the Ip address field choose “(All Unassigned)”.

4. In the port field enter 80 or something else if you are using alternate ports (or if your ISP has blocked port 80).

5. In the Host Header field enter domain name (e.g. (One of the domain names you have setup earlier
with No-Ip+ service) and click next.

6. Click Browse and point to the directory where your Web Site files for the domain name above are located.
(e.g. c:\sites\mysite1) Make sure that “Allow anonymous access..” box is checked if you want all users
to be able to see your website. Click next.

7. For standard browsing preferences leave settings on this page as they are, otherwise configure them
after your needs. Click next.

8. Click Finish.

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