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Set up isolated ftp site?


Isolating users in normal mode.

To create a new FTP site that isolates users
1. In IIS Manager, expand the local computer, right-click the FTP Sites folder, point to New, and click FTP Site.
2. Provide the required information in the FTP Site Description and IP Address and Port Settings dialog boxes, and click Next.
3. In the FTP User Isolation dialog box, click Isolate users, and click Next.
4. In the Path box, type or browse to the directory that contains, or will contain, the site content, and then click Next.
5. Select the check boxes for the FTP site access permissions you want to assign to your users, and then click Next.
6. Click Finish.

To create FTP root-point and user folders
If users of the local computer log in with their individual account user names, create the subdirectories LocalUser under the FTP site root directory you specified when you creating the FTP site.
For Example –
FTP root directory -> D:\MyFTP\
LocalUser locate at D:\MyFTP\LocalUser

For individual user, you need to create folder in this format – LocalUser\username
User: Susan locate at D:\MyFTP\LocalUser\Susan

If users of different domains log on with their explicit domain\username credentials, create a subdirectory for each domain (by using the name of the domain) under the FTP site root directory you specified when you creating the FTP site.
For Example –
Domain Name: Account
FTP root directory -> D:\MyFTP\
LocalUser locate at D:\MyFTP\Account

For individual domain user, you need to create folder in this format – Domain\username
Domain User: Nancy locate at D:\MyFTP\Account\Nancy

Anonymous access in isolated ftp site
If anonymous access is allowed, create the subdirectories LocalUser and LocalUser\Public under the FTP site home directory.

Note: All user home directories are in a directory structure under a single FTP root directory where each user is placed and restricted to their home directory. Users are not permitted to navigate out of their home directory. If users need access to dedicated shared folders, you can also establish a virtual root.



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