How do I set domain level limits?

For each domain you can limit the domain-specific resource usage and the domain validity period. To edit the domain limits:

Click the Limits icon on the Domain administration page. The Domain limits page will appear containing the list of resource limits. At this page you can set the limits on the following resources:

* Number of subdomains
* Amount of disk space
* Amount of traffic
* Number of web users
* Number of databases
* Number of mailboxes
* The mailbox quota
* Number of mail redirects
* Number of mail groups
* Number of mail autoresponders
* Number of mailing lists
* Number of web applications
* The domain validity period.

To set a limit value for a specific resource, uncheck the Unlimited checkbox, and enter the value into the corresponding input field.

To set the validity period for the domain, define the required domain expiration date in the Validity period field.

When you are done with editing, click OK.

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