How do I schedule crontab tasks?

To access the crontab management functions, click the Crontab Manager icon on the Domain administration page. The Crontab management page will open:

On this page, you can view scheduled tasks of various system users, set the e-mail address for the crontab messages to be sent, schedule new tasks and remove them.

The Show Crontab of: drop-down box indicates the system user, whose scheduled tasks are currently displayed. It also allows to select another system user to view and/or manage scheduled tasks that belong to that user.
Each line in the Crontab task list represents a single task. The Status (S) column shows whether the selected task is enabled or disabled (the disabled tasks are not executed). The Command column contains the command that is executed within the selected task and serves as a link to the page that allows editing the selected scheduled task properties.

The task list can be sorted by its parameters in ascending or descending order. To sort the task list, click on the name of the sor

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