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How do I manage web users?

A web user is a user account within web server. It is used to define locations for personalized web pages with individual FTP access. The result of creating a web user is a subdirectory within your domain (e.g.
Creating a web user account

To create a new web user account:

Click the Web Users icon on the Domain administration page. The Web Users page appears:

Click the Preferences icon to configure web user access format and enable scripting capabilities. The Preferences page opens:

To allow accessing web user pages via URLs like [email protected] select the corresponding checkbox.

Select the Allow the web users scripting checkbox to enable scripting for web users’ pages.

Click OK to submit your changes.

To add a web user, click Add Web User. You will be taken to the Web User Configuration page:

Specify the name of the new web user, enter and confirm the password for web user, specify the hard disk quota, and select the available scripting options for the given domain (if enabled in Preferences).

Each web user creates a system account within web server; therefore, you cannot have two web users with identical names on the same server.

You cannot use the reserved system words, such as “mailman” for user names.

Do not use quotes, space and national alphabet characters in the password. The password length should be between 5 and 14 characters and password must not be the same as the login name.

Once you have completed all entries click OK.

As you create web users, the user names appear listed on the Web Users page.

New web users can access the directory using FTP software by entering the domain name under which the web user account was created and using the appropriate web user name and password.

Editing the web user account properties

To change web user passwords or edit scripting options, click on the user name in the web user list. This takes you to the Web User Configuration page. Follow the same procedure as described above.
Deleting a web user account

To delete existing web users select the users that you wish to delete using the checkboxes, and click Remove Selected. You will be asked for confirmation prior to deleting the selected web users.

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