How do I manage the IP’s ?

You are given IPs and then are able to utilize them within your own domains. IPs are able to be granted as either exclusive, meaning that you become the user with exclusive rights to this IP, or shared, meaning that this IP is shared among many other clients (i.e. one IP can be used for hosting by many clients).

The IP Pool also provides the mechanism by which IP usage can be tracked. You can immediately see the complete list of allocated IPs and identify the locations on which each IP is currently being used within your environment.

Click the IP Pool icon on the Home page to access the IP pool. It displays the list of IP addresses that were granted (exclusively or as shared):

The Hosting column displays the number of your domains that use (have hosting configured) the corresponding IP address.
Viewing the hosting configured for an IP and setting a default domain

You can view the domains that have hosti

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