How do I manage domain user account?

The domain user setup provides entry to the Plesk control panel within a single domain. Domain users have the ability to administer mail accounts, web users, databases, protected directories, and the domain SSL certificate. Limits to the domain user are set by the Client and/or Administrator using the Domain Preferences and Limits functions.

Access to the control panel for the domain user is done using https://’domain name’:8443. The control panel login will be the domain name, and the password will be whatever is set through the control panel.

To set up the Domain User account:

Click the Domain User icon at the Domain administration page. The Domain User Properties page appears.

To allow access to the control panel for the domain user select the checkbox Allow domain user access.

Enter the password in the Password text box, and then re-enter it in the Confirm Password text box. Select the domain user language and skin using the drop-down lists. Supply the personal and contact information in the fields provided.

Check the Allow multiple sessions checkbox to allow several simultaneous domain user sessions under the same login name and password.

If you wish to allow domain user to manage crontab and use the backup/restore functions, select the respective checkboxes.

You can allow/disallow domain users to manage crontab and backup/restore functions only if you have the permission to manage crontab and backup/restore functions yourself.

Click OK to complete creation of the domain user and return to the Domain administration page.

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