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How do I manage domain SSL Certificates?

Plesk enables you to upload a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and/or generate a Self-signed Certificate. Each certificate represents a set of rules used when exchanging encrypted information between two computers. Certificates ensure secure communications; this is especially important when handling e-commerce transactions and other private transmittals. Only authorized users can access and read an encrypted data stream.

Notes on Certificates:

You can acquire SSL certificates from various sources. We recommend using the CSR option within Plesk. You can also purchase the certificate through the (MPC) web site.

If using a SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority other than Thawte or Verisign, a rootchain certificate is required to appropriately identify and authenticate the certificate authority that has issued your SSL certificate.

Once you have obtained a SSL certificate or a certificate part, you can upload it through Plesk using the instructions, which follow in this section.

When you add a certificate, it is not installed automatically onto the domain or assigned to an IP address, but only added to the Certificate repository.

You can assign a certificate to an IP address at the IP pool, and during hosting creation on an exclusively granted IP.

Accessing the Domain SSL Certificates Repository

To access the Domain certificates repository page, click the Certificates icon at the Domain administration page. The certificates repository page will open displaying the list of available certificates:

The four icons, preceding the certificate name in the list, indicate the present parts of a certificate. The icon displayed in the R column indicates that the Certificate Signing request part is present in the certificate, the icon in the K column indicates that the private key is contained within the certificate, the icon in the C column indicates that the SSL certificate text part is present and the icon in the A column indicates that CA certificate part is present. The number in the Used column indicates the number of IP addresses the certificate is assigned to.
Uploading a certificate file with finding the appropriate private key

After you have received your signed SSL certificate from the certificate authority you can upload it from the Certificate reposito

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