How do I Install MetaEdit 2.2 ?

To install MetaEdit 2.2, follow these steps:
1. Double-click the Mtaedt22.exe file that you just downloaded.
2. Click Yes to agree with the terms of the license agreement.

The installation process extracts the files that are contained in the Mtaedt22.exe file, and then runs an extracted Setup.exe file to install MetaEdit 2.2.
3. When you see the dialog box that tells you to close all applications, make sure that all applications are closed, and then click OK.
4. When the main setup process begins, accept the default installation folder or choose an alternate folder, and then click the large setup button to continue.
5. Click Continue to add the MetaEdit shortcut to the Administrative Tools Program Group. The MetaEdit 2.2 setup process begins.

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