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How do I install IIS 6.0 and its components?

To install IIS using the Configure Your Server Wizard

1. From the Start menu, click Manage Your Server.
2. Under Managing Your Server Roles, click Add or remove a role.
3. Read the preliminary steps in the Configure Your Server Wizard and click Next.
4. Under Server Role, click Application server (IIS, ASP.NET) and then click Next. By default, the wizard installs and enables IIS, COM+, and DTC.
5. If you want to serve either of the optional technologies (FrontPage Server Extensions or ASP.NET), on the Application Server Options page, select the appropriate check boxes, and then click Next.
6. Read the summary and click Next.
7. Complete the wizard, and then click Finish.

The Configure Your Server Wizard enables ASP.NET by default, unlike the Add/Remove Windows components install method below.

To install IIS, add components, or remove components using Control Panel

1. From the Start menu, click Control Panel.
2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
3. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
4. In the Components list box, click Application Server.
5. Click Details.
6. Click Internet Information Services Manager.
7. Click Details to view the list of IIS optional components. For a detailed description of IIS optional components, see “Optional Components” in this topic.
8. Select all optional components you wish to install.

The World Wide Web Publishing Service optional component includes important subcomponents like the Active Server Pages component and Remote Administration (HTML). To view and select these subcomponents, click World Wide Web Publishing Service and then click Details.

1. Click OK until you are returned to the Windows Component Wizard.
2. Click Next and complete the Windows Component Wizard.

IIS Directories

IIS installs the following directories:

These directories contain user content and cannot be moved. You can, however, select the location of your Wwwroot and Ftproot directories at installation by using a script during unattended setup. If you uninstall IIS, the IISHelp directory is removed. The InetPub and InetSrv directories remain on your computer.

IIS Initial Configuration Backup

When you first install IIS, a backup of the initial metabase configuration is automatically created in the systemroot\System32\InetSrv\MetaBack directory. This backup can be used to restore the IIS configuration to its state immediately following IIS installation. This is a useful tool for solving metabase corruption or configuration problems, and can help you recover a known good configuration without needing to reinstall IIS. This backup is not password protected, and can only be used to restore settings on the system on which it was created.

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