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Fix the MYSQL ERROR: Client does not support authentication protocol


This error is encountered by both scripts and applications, that are unable to use the new
authentication protocol introduced by MySQL 4.1.x.  The only real fix for this, would be to
update your code.  There is however a workaround, that can be implemented.

You will need to edit your MySQL configuration file (my.cnf on Linux) to turn old-passwords
on.  This will allow hosts using the old protocol to connect.

Open your configruation file, and underneath the [mysqld] section, place old-passwords on
a line by itself.  Then just restart your MySQL server.

On Windows, you will need to edit your mysql.ini (mysql configuration file) to contain the following

Under [MYSQLD] put:

set_variable = old_passwords=1

This should now all your old scripts to connect.

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