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How do I Enable Pass-through-authentication for IIS 5 ?

Enabling pass through authentication requires two things.

1. Use an authentication method that supports pass through authentication.
Anonymous with IIS control password disabled
Integrated Windows if everyone uses IE 5.0 on Win2K systems which are part of a domain. In this situation Kerberos will be used.
Certificate Mapping (IIS 5.0 version, not Windows Mapper)

2. Modify the metabase to enable it.

You can edit the metabase with script or using metaedit. The ASP code below will enable pass-through authentication for IIS 5 on a virtual directory called ‘Protected’ in the default Web site. You need to substitute the correct Web site number for 1 and the name of the virtual directory for ‘Protected’.
Dim oVDr
Set oVD = GetObject(“IIS://localhost/W3SVC/1/Root/Protected”)
oVD.UNCAuthenticationPassThrough = True
Set oVD = Nothing
(Note: Internally, IIS uses numbers not website names to distinguish between the virtual websites. The web number is assigned in sequence as sites are created. You can determine the website number using MetaEdit 2.2 available from Microsoft at or by typing c:\inetpub\adminscripts\cscript findweb.vbs “Web Site Name” where Web Site Name is the name that shows in the Internet Services Manager for the website. It is case sensitive.)

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