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How do I edit the account information and password?

To change the information in your record follow these steps:

Click the Edit icon on the Home page. The account details will be displayed:

To modify an item, click in a specific text box to enter data, or use the Tab key to move from one text box to the next.

Use only alphanumeric symbols in the login name.

Do not use quotes, space and national alphabet characters in the password. The password should be between 5 and 14 characters long and must not be the same as the login name.

When you are satisfied that the information is complete and correct, click OK.

If you change your e-mail address, it will not be updated in the DNS zone until you rebuild the zone by adding or removing DNS records or switching the zone on and off.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password, you can use the password reminder feature available from the control panel login screen.

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