How do I create an auto responder?

1. Click New E-mail on the maildomain Controls page or existing mailbox settings.
2. If you chose New E-mail, enter the auto responder name in the Email address field.
3. Check Catch All to reply with this message if mail arrives at a nonexistent address on this mail domain.
If catch all isn’t enabled on any mail resource running on the autoresponder’s mail domain, incoming mail will bounce back to the sender with an error notification.
4. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to enable antispam and antivirus for each autoresponder you use.
5. Set their preferences as follows:
For antispam, set Spam processing to Remove.
For antivirus, set Spam processing to Remove or Mark as spam, and MaxScore level to very aggressive or aggressive.
This way you can minimize risk of using your autoresponder for distributing spam, which is possible in case you choose to include incoming message in the autoresponse.
Scroll down to the Autoresponder section and fill out the form:
Check the box next to AUTORESPONDER.

Choose whether you want to quote the original message in the autoresponse. If you check this option, there is a risk for your auto responder to be used for distributing Spam messages sent to it from intruders. To minimize this risk, configure antispam for the auto responder as it is said in the item 4 above.
Enter the uniform response in the Message field and its title in the Subject field.
You can add attachments to your auto responder, for instance your corporate logo.
Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Agree with the charges, if any.

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