How do I configure Virtual Host entry (Zone) for a domain?

Apache Configuration

Once you have the DNS pointing to your virtual domain server, you need to tell your Web server where to find the Web files for the domain. The way Apache works, if you have set up virtual domains, the first domain entered is the default. This is the directory that will be displayed when a virtual domain is not listed in the configuration. (In other words, if the DNS entry made above sends the URL to your IP, but you don’t have the virtual host in your httpd.conf file.)

You must edit your Apache httpd.conf file:

Go to the section of the httpd.conf file on Virtual hosting (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf). Make sure that the NameVirtualHost points to your IP:NameVirtualHost
The first virtual host entry should be your default domain:

DocumentRoot /www/domain

Then list the new domain, with any options you’d like to add:

DocumentRoot /home/testdomain/public_html/
ErrorLog logs/
TransferLog logs/

Note, I added two lines to the second virtual host. These allow you to separate out the Error and Transfer logs for the new domain from your default domain. If you are going to host virtual domains for other people, they will almost certainly want their server logs, and this makes it easy to provide that to them as well.

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