How can I make FTP virtual directories on my Windows server visible to users?

Because IIS lists virtual paths before listing physical paths, you can configure an FTP site to allow a user browsing the site to see a directory entry for a virtual directory. The directory entry that the user sees is a physical directory. However, when the user navigates to the physical directory, the content of a specified virtual directory is displayed instead of the content of the physical directory.

To make an FTP virtual directory (including a nested virtual directory) visible to users, complete the following steps:

1. Create a physical directory in home FTP directory of the user. For example, if your FTP site is configured for user isolation, the home directory of the user will either be LocalUser\Public (for anonymous users), or LocalUser\username (for authenticated users).

2. In IIS Manager, double-click the local computer, double-click the FTP Sites folder, and then double-click the FTP site to which you want to add a virtual directory.

3. Right-click the site or folder within which you want to create the virtual directory, point to New, click Virtual Directory, and then click Next.

4. In the Alias box, type a name for the virtual directory, and then click Next.

Important: The alias (or name) must exactly match the name of the directory you created in step 1.

5.In the Directory box, type the path to, or browse to the physical directory where the content for this virtual directory resides, and click Next.

6. Under Allow the following permissions, select the check boxes next to the access permissions that are appropriate to your needs, click Next, and then click Finish. The virtual directory is created within the FTP site.

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