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fixing the webalizer stats under Hsphere:

For fixing the webalizer stats under Hsphere:
Webalizer for windows:

Following are the steps to be followed when webalizer not working for windows :

1)In the IIS , select the domain name for which webalizer is not working.
2)Goto properties and change the log format to NCSA “Combined log format”
3)Goto the corresponding log folder of the domain in the ” hslogfiles ” folder
and delete all the previous log files that were generated.
visit the site twice, a new log file will be generated.

4)Now on the command line , change directory to c://webalizer
at c://webalizer > , fire the following command ,

webalizer -n domainame -o E://hshome/username/domainname/webalizer E://hslogfiles/logfile name

* -n — domainanme for which webalizer is not working.
* -o — path to the directory where the webalizer output should be generated
* name of the log file which should be used to generate the website statistics.
It is the name of the file generated in step 3

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