Exim Configuration Editor


This function allows you to modify the behavior of exim by changing certain exim configuration settings.


NOTE: You can edit the exim configuration file by clicking on Switch to Advanced Mode.




1 To access the Service Configuration Menu, click on Service Configuration Setup, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.

2 Click on Exim Configuration Editor.

3 Click on the check boxes next to the features you wish to enable or disable.

  • Always set the Sender: header when the sender is changed from the actual sender. (Unchecking this will stop “On behalf of” data in Microsoft(R) Outlook, but may limit your ability to track abuse of the mail system.)
  • Verify the existence of email senders. – Enables verify = sender/<options>
  • Use callouts to verify the existence of email senders.- Uses a callout check for the specific mail address.
  • Discard emails for users who have exceeded their quota instead of keeping them in the queue.
  • System filter file (leave blank to disable) – Sets the filter file used by exim.

4 Click on Save.


NOTE: For information on exim configuration specifics, please read over the documentation at exim.org.

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