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Create a simple mail list via cPanel

If you send regular emails to a small list of customers/subscribers/friends you can create a very simple mail list via your cPanel if your ISP does not provide this feature by default with your plan.

This could be done quite easy. You will need a to create a single email account via your cPanel -> Mail -> Create account section. This mail will be used for forwarding your email to all of your recipients (broadcast).

As soon as you have your email account created, go to your cPanel -> Mail -> Forwarding Maintenance menu. From there you will be able to create your forwarders from the newly created email account to the desired emails.

For example: if you create and you would like to send your email to:

You should simply create the following forwarders: -> -> ->

Now you are ready to broadcast your email. Simply send your message from your personal email account to and it will be automatically forwarded to all of your recipients:

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