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Backup(Configuration File Rollback)


cPanel and WHM automatically saves a backup version of the following three files whenever they are changed:


  • httpd.conf
  • named.conf
  • proftpd.conf


You can revert to any of the previously saved versions whenever required. The restored version becomes the latest version, and does not delete other versions.



1 To access the Backup Menu, click on Backup, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.

2 Click on Configuration File Rollback.

3 Click on one of the following buttons:

  • [path]/httpd.conf button
  • [path]/named.conf
  • [path]/proftpd.conf

4 Click on the < button to review previous versions. As you change files, the Date field will update and the display area will update with the contents of the different file.

5 Click on Restore to roll back to the displayed version of the file.

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