Hivelocity Hosting

Storage & Backup

Idera Backup

Our Idera backup system is a dedicated backup solution for both Windows and Linux servers. Rest easy knowing that you and your customer's data is backed up and secure in the event hard drive crash or user error. We even offer bare-metal restores, to allow you to restore your server from the ground up.

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Cloud Storage

Take advantage of our high perfomance scale-out storage service with Hivelocity Cloud Storage. With each dedicated server, you'll receive 10GB of free storage for the life of the server, scaling as much as you need for only a 50¢ per GB.

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OpenStack / Swift

Openstack is becoming the most popular open source Cloud solution. Openstack is a Cloud solution that controls pools of compute, storage and network resources...

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DDoS Protection

Thwart malicious attacks with our DDOS mitigation service. We filter your server’s throughput only allowing the legitimate traffic through, allowing your system to serve content as if no attack is happening at all.

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Stop internal & external attacks, prevent unauthorized access & achieve regulatory compliance with one of our Juniper hardware firewalls. For a nominal fee you can thwart bruteforce, syn flood, and low level ddos application and content based attacks on your server.

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Ensure your online commerce is encrypted and secure with our industry leading SSL certificates.

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Load Balancing

Distribute your application load across multiple servers, while increasing uptime, reliability, and request capacity with our enterprise load balancing service. Don’t lose business because you couldn’t handle the demand. Load balance and handle your biggest resource spikes with ease.

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We offer both 100Mbps, and 1Gbps unmetered ports with every server in our inventory. 100Mbps unmetered (estimated 33TB per month) will add $99 to your monthly cost, while 1Gbps (estimated 330TB per month), will add as little as $399. Max out your port 24/7 with no worry of overage charges.

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Manage trouble tickets, DNS, create records, monitor services, create email & SMS alerts for yourself, access your IPMI interface, view bandwidth graphs, and so much more within the beautiful and powerful myVelocity management interface. Our techs are here for you when you need help, myVelocity is here for you when you want to do it yourself.

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cPanel Managed Services

Our team of techs has over 200 years combined server management experience and is at your disposal. Let our experts manage and monitor your cPanel server around the clock so you can rest easy and focus on your business.

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Data Migration

We would be silly if we didn’t make the job of moving your data to our servers simple. For this reason, we offer free data migration on qualifying servers and charge a nominal fee for data migration on non-qualifying systems. Either way, it is inexpensive and easy to move to a Hivelocity server.

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Control Panels

We offer a wide range of both Linux and Windows supported control panels that are all built to simplify server and website management. Whether you have just a few sites to manage, a few thousand sites, or you want to create virtual servers on your server(s), we have a great control panel option for you.

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Operating Systems

Choose from a wide range of Linux, Windows and BSD operating systems with every server you order at Hivelocity. On the rare occasion someone requires an OS we don’t provide, we allow self-installs to be done via remote KVM-over-IP. No matter what OS you choose, you can count on a 4 hour server deployment.

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